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Battle of the Bands presented by JBL

Band submissions are now closed.  If you would like to watch the battle, please register below.

Finalists Line Up (In Order)

Band Name: Face2Face
Genre: Rock/Latin Reggaeton/ Motown Dance/ R&B
Instagram: Face2faceband
About: Face2Face is more than a Top 40 Corporate Band - it's a Miami phenomenon. A carefully selected repertoire spanning Motown, Funk, R&B, Country, Pop Hits, Dance, and Latin music propel Face2Face to be one of the most captivating bands in the genre of live music entertainment. The name describes the many faces of the band's personalities and the collaboration of its musicians. Members of Face2Face have worked with, or currently work with, artists such as Luis Fonsi, Pit Bull, Flo Rida and the list goes on and on.   For over 15 years, Face2Face has been entertaining audiences and creating memories that live far beyond the last song of the evening.

Band Name: Fatkingbulla
Genre: Rock
Instagram: Fatkingbulla
About: FatKingBulla is more than just another local band combining rock, funk, and hip-hop with Latin sounds. Already known and loved for rough 'n tumble sing-alongs back in their native Peru, the Bulla bunch are fixing to become international rock royalty. Armed with an impressive self-titled debut album and backed by an explosive live show, the band stands a good chance of making that big name for itself, both here and abroad.

Band Name: REMYZ
Genre: Pop/R&B/Funk/Rock
Instagram: remyzmusic
About: The "REMYZ" are a funk/R&B/pop-rock band from Miami, Florida. Their music is to be described as slithering melodic R&B vocals over raunchy rock guitar riffs, stacked on weighted funk beats. All 5 members are under the age of 23, and their history started when they met and formed in their high school jazz band. The REMYZ have won awards such as 2017 SSA "Band of the Year", with over 500 other participants, as well as Hard Rock Miami's "Battle of the Bands" winners. You can find out more about the REMYZ on their website, as well as all social medias (Instagram, Twitter, etc) at @remyzmusic. Their music can be found on all digital music platforms.

Band Name: Problem Kids
Genre: Caribbean Hip Hop 
Instagram: Problemkids305 
About: With a sound as vibrant as the city that made them, the Problem Kids are a six piece Miami band on a mission to spread their infectious music to the rest of the world.  Just one spin of PK and it's apparent they are a true product of their culturally-diverse environment. Is their sound Island Hop?  Urban Tropical? Nu Wave Rap?!  Label them what you will, but with a fiery mix of street-wise "Spanglish" rhymes, pulsating live beats, and luscious sing-along melodies, one thing is for certain - these Kids aren't playing around.   With creative musical arrangements and catchy melodies in place, the witty storytelling of two emcees seal the signature PK sound.  

Band Name: The Swayzees
Genre: Vintage Rock and Soul  
Instagram: theswayzees
About: The Swayzees are an up-and-coming band from Key West. Their soul-inspired vintage rock n roll music is sure to get you dancing! Patrick & the Swayzees is an up-and-coming band from Key West. Their soul-inspired vintage rock n roll music is sure to get you dancing! The Swayzees perform high energy 50s & 60s Music- both Originals and Covers. Insanely powerful vocals from our lead singers Les Greene & River. 

Band Name: La Cuarta
Genre: Pop rock 
Instagram: la_cuarta_band
About: La cuarta is a band that was born to succeed with Colombian roots and spices they provide a unique rhythm that is already known in Mexico, Holland and different country’s around the world and now we are bringing it to MIAMI LA CAPITAL DEL SOL LETS GET READY TO PARTY

When: Sunday, January 27 @ 2:00pm
Where: AmericanAirlines Arena’s Xfinity East Plaza